This is a list of possibly predatory publishers. The kernel for this list was extracted from the archive of Beall’s List at It will be updated as new information or suggested edits are submitted or found by the maintainers of this site. This is a list of publishers that may be engaging in predatory practices. See the other list for individual journals potentially engaging in predatory practices.

ABC Journals
A M Publishers
Academe Research Journals
Academia Publishing
Addaiyan International Publishers
Academia Research
Academia Scholarly Journals (ASJ)
Academic and Business Research Institute
Academic and Scientific Publishing
Academic Direct Publishing House
Academic Journals
Academic Journals and Research (ACJAR)
Academic Journals Online (AJO)
Academic Journals, Inc.
Academic Knowledge and Research Publishing
Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS)
Academic Publications, Ltd.
Academic Research in Science, Engineering, Art and Management (ARSEAM)
Academic Research Journals
Academic Research Publishers (ARPUB)
Academic Research Publishing Agency
Academic Research Publishing Group
Academic Research Publishing House
Academic Scholars Publishing House
Academic Sciences
Academic Star Publishing Company 
Academic Star Publishing Company [alt]
Academic Web Publishers (AWP)
Academic World Education & Research Center
AcademicDirect Publishing House
Academicians’ Research Center/ARC Journals (ARC)
Academics World
Academy for Environment and Life Sciences
Academy Journals
Academy of Business & Retail Management (ABRM)
Academy of Business & Scientific Research (ABSR)
Academy of International Research in Management and Business Realities (IRMBR)
Academy of Knowledge Process
Academy of Science and Engineering (ASE)
Academy of Science and Social Science (ASSS)
Academy of Scientific and Applied Research (ASAAR)
Academy Publish
Access International Journals
Access Journals
Access Publishers
ACT Publishing
Acta Scientifica
AD Publication
AD Publications
Ada Lovelace Publications
Advance Educational Institute & Research Centre (AEIRC)
Advance Journals
Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology (AICIT)
Advanced Journals
Advanced Research Journals
Advanced Research Publications
Advanced Scholars Journals
Advanced Science and Engineering Technology Institute (ASET)
Advanced Science Research Journals
Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience)
Advancement and Development in Technology International (Aditi)
Advancements in Science
Adyan Academic Press
American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information (AENSI)
African Research Review (AFRREV)
AgiAl Publishing House
AINSTIN Knowledge Hub
AIRCC Publishing Corporation
Aizeon Publishers
Albert Science International Organization
Allied Academies
Allied Journals
Ambit Journals
AME Publishing Company
American Academic & Scholarly Research Center (AASRC)
American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT)
American Journal
American Research Institute for Policy Development
American Research Journals
American Research Publications
American Scholarly Research Association
American Scientific Publishers
American Scientific Research Journals
American Society of Registered Nurses
American Society of Science and Engineering
American V-King Scientific Publishing
Amoghsiddhi Education Society/AES/AES Journals in Engineering Technology, Management, and Sciences/AES E-JOURNALS
Amoghsiddhi Education Society/AES/AES Journals in Engineering Technology, Management, and Sciences/AES E-JOURNALS [alt]
Andrew John Publishing Inc.
Annex Publishers
Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSINET)
Antarctic Journals
Aperito Online Publishing
Apex Journal
Applied Science Innovations
APST Publication
Arabian Group of Journals (AGJ)
Aradhya International Publication
ARC Journals
Archers & Elevators Publishing House
ARPN Journals
AS Publishers
ASD Publisher
Ashdin Publishing
AshEse Visionary
Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Research
Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research
Asian Academic Research Associates
Asian and American Research Publishing Group
Asian Economic and Social Society (AESS)
Asian Online Journal Publishing Group
Asian Online Journals
Asian Pharma Press
Asian Publication Corporation (Asian Pub. Corp.)
Asian Research Consortium
Asian Transactions
Associated Asia Research Foundation (AARF)
Association for Sustainable Education, Research and Science (ASERS)
Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE)
Association of North America Higher Education International (ANAHEI)
Aster Publications
Athal Press & Media
Atharva Scientific Publications
Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)
Atlas Publishing, LP
Aufau Periodicals (AP)
Austin Publishing Group
Australasian Centre for Research and Development (ACRD)
Australian Academy of Business and Social Sciences
Australian Academy of Business Leadership
Australian International Academic Centre Pty. Ltd.
Australian International Research Consortium (Australian International Journals)
Australian Society for Commerce Industry & Engineering (SCIE)
Austrian E-Journals of Universal Scientific Organization
Austrian Scientific Publication House
Avens Publishing Group
Avestia Publishing
Avicena Publisher
Avid Science
Axis Journals
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Baishideng Publishing Group
Basha Research Corporation (BRCORP)
Basic Research Journals
Bell Press
Bentham Open
Best Journals
Better Advances Press
Betty Jones & Sisters Publishing
Binary Information Press
Bio Accent/Bioaccent
Bio Core/Biocore
Bioflux Society
Biohouse Publishing Group
BioInfo Publications
BioIT international Journals
Biological and Chemical Publishing
BioMed Press
BioMed Research
BioMedSciDirect Publications
Bioscience Research & Educational Institute [Link dead as of 2012-11-14]
Blaze Journals
Blue Apple Publications
Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication
Blue Ocean Research Journals
BluePen Journals
Bowen Publishing
Brainy Buzz
Bret Research Journals
British Association of Academic Research (BAAR)
British Journal
British Open Research Publications
BRNSS Publication Hub
Business Journalz (BJ)
Business Management Centre
Business Perspectives
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Cafet Innova Technical Society (CITS)
Cairo Center for Development Benchmarking
Canadian Center of Science and Education
Canadian Research Publication
Canadian Science and Research Group (CANSRG)
Canadian Science and Technology Press Inc.
Cardiology Academic Press
CARI Journals
Cenetri Publishing Group
Center for Enhancing Knowledge (CEK, UK)
Center for Global Research Development (CGRD)
The Center for Innovations in Business & Management Practice
Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research (CNSER/CenNSER)
Center for Promoting Ideas
Center for the Development and Dissemination of Knowledge
Center of Advanced Scientific Research and Publications (CASRP)
Central Bohemia University Publishing
Central Research Insight
Centre For Info Bio Technology (CIBTech)
Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration (C-MRiC.ORG)
Centre for Promoting Knowledge (CPK UK)
Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism (COES&RJ)
Centre of Promoting Research Excellence (CPRE)
CESER Publications
Chitkara University Publications
Clerisy Publishers
ClinMed International Library
Cloud Journals
Cloud Publications
The Clute Institute
Clyto Access
Coltharp Institute
Columbia International Publishing
Comparative Journals
Comprehensive Research Journals
Computer Science Journals
CONFAB Journals
Congress Press
CONSORTIUM Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery and Technology Development, Inc. (ICDTD Inc.)
Contemporary Research Center (CRC Publications)
Convergence Information Society
Cosmic Journals
Cosmos Scholars Publishing House
Council for Innovative Research
CRDEEP International Journals
Cresco Online Publishing
Cresco Online Publishing [alt]
CREST Journals
Crown Journals
CTR Publications
Current Research Web
Cyber Journals
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DAMA International
Darshan Publishers
David Publishing
David Publishing [alt]
Deccan Pharma Journals
DeNovo Scientific Publishing
Dentamed Publishing
Design for Scientific Renaissance
DEStech Publications, Inc.
Developing Country Think Tank Institute
Dhan Med Publishers
Didactic Journals
Digital Information Research Foundation (DIRF)
Digital Science Press
Direct Research Journals
DISA Publication Group (DP Group)
Discourse Journals
Discovery Publication
DJ Publications
Donnish Journals
Dorma Journals
Dr.BGR Publications
DRUNPP Sarajevo (Society for Development of Teaching and Business Processes in New Net Environment in B&H)
Dynamic Publishers
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e-Century Publishing Corporation
e-journal [alt]
e-Science Central
Eagle Publishing Group
Earth Journals
East West Association For Advanced Studies and Higher Education
Ebu Press
eCanadian Journals
The Economics and Social Development Organization (TESDO)
Edelweiss Publications
E-International Journals of Academic & Scientific Research (EIJASR)
E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium (E-ISRJC)
Eighth Sense Research Group
Einstein International Journal Organization (EIJO)
EISRJC Journals (E-International Scientific Research Journal Consortium)
eJM Science, eJManager (eJM)
eJournals of Academic Research & Reviews
Eko Journal
eLearning Institute
Electronic Center for International Scientific Information
Elewa Bio Sciences
Elite Hall Publishing House
Elite Research Journals
ELK Asia Pacific Journals
ElmCore Journals
Elmer Press
Elyns Publishing Group
Emerging Academy Resources (EAR)
Engineering and Technology Publishing
Engineering Journals/Engg Journals Publications (Engg Journals Publications)
Engineering Publication House
Engineering Research Publication
Enhanced Research Publications (ER Publications)
Enliven Archive
Enriched Science Publication
Enviro Publishers
Enviro Research Publishers [alt]
ERM Publications/Educational Research Multimedia & Publications
EPH Journal/Engineers Publication House
EPRA Journals
EPRA Wisdom
Erudite Journals Limited
ESRSA Publication — Engineering and Science Research Support Academy
ESci Journals Publishing
eScience Publisher (eSciPub)
ETA Maths Journals
Ethan Publishing Company
Eurasian Academy of Sciences (Avrasya Bilimler Akademisi)
Eurasian Publications
Eurasian Research Publishing
Eurasian Union of Scientists (Eurasian Scientific Union ESU | Евразийский Союз Учёных ЕСУ)
Euro Asia Research and Development Association
European-American Journals
European Center for Science Education and Research (EUSER)
European Journals of Business Management (EJoBM)
European Journals of Education Studies
The European Scientific Community
European Union Research Publishing
EverScience Publications
ExcelingTech Publishing Company, Ltd.
Excellent Publishers
Excellent Word Journals
Excelytics Publishers
Expert Journals
Far East Research Centre
Ficus Publishers
Focus in Research & Education/Firepubs (FIRE)
Foundation for Promotion of Basic & Applied Science (FOPRAS)
Friends Science Publishers (FSP)
Frontiers in Bioscience (FBS)
FSSH Scholarly Journals
Fundamental Journals
Fundamental Research and Development International (FRDI)
Future Academy
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Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Gatha Cognition
Gavin Publishers
GBS Publishers & Distributors
Genexcellence Publication/G Publications
German Science and Technology Press
Gexin Publications
Global Academic Institute
Global Advanced Research Journals
Global Business Research Journals
Global Institute for Research and Education
The Global Journals
Global Journals, Inc.
Global Open Journals
Global Openaccess
Global Publishing Corporation
Global Research Journals
Global Research Online
Global Research Publishing (GRP)
Global Researchers Journals
Global Scholars Journals
Global Science Center LP
Global Science Publishing Group
Global Science Research Journals
Global Scientific, Inc.
Global Scientific Research Journals (GSR)
Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers (GSSRR)
Global Technocrats & Intellectual’s Association (GTIA)
GlobalSkope Publishing Society
Gnosis Open Access Publishers [Link dead; re-branded as
Gratis Open Access Publishers
GRABS Educational Charitable Trust
Grant Medical Journals (GMJ)
Graphy Publications
Gratis Open Access Publishers
GRDS Publishing
Green Earth Research Network
Green Global Foundation (GGF)
Greener Journals
Greenfield Advanced Research Publishing House
Growing Science Publishing Company
GS Publishers
GSB Life Sciences
Gurpukur Research Institute (GPRI)
Gyancity Research Lab Private Limited
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Halmac Research [Link dead as of 2016-05-23]
Hans Publishers, Inc. (HansPub, 汉斯)
Har Krishan Bhalla & Sons (HKB Publications)
Heighten Science Publications (HSP)
Helics Scientific Network (Helics Group)
Hendun Research Access
Henry Publishing Group
Herald International Research Journals
Herald Scholarly Open Access
Herbert Open Access Journals (Herbert Publications)
Hikari Ltd.
Hind Agri-Horticultural Society (HAHS/HIND Institutes/Research Journals)
Horizon Journals
Horizon Research Publishing
Human and Sciences Publications (HumanPub)
Human Resource Management Academic Research Society (HRMARS)
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International Academy of Science and Higher Education
iExplore International Research Journals Consortium (IIRJC)
IAMURE Multidisciplinary Research
IBIMA Publishing
iConcept Press Ltd.
ICTACT Journal
Id Press / ID Design
IGM Publication
IIARD Publication Company (International Institute of Academic Research and Development)
iJARS Group
ijManager – Online Journal Management
IMED Research Publications
Impact Journals (New York State, USA)
Impact Journals (Tamil Nadu, India)
Imperial Journals
Imprints Open Access
Indian Academicians and Researchers Association (IARA)
Indian Society for Education and Environment (ISEE)
Indus Foundation for Education, Research & Social Welfare
Infinity Press
Infonomics Society
Inforesights Publishing
Informatics Journals
Information Engineering Research Institute (IERI)
Ingenious Enterprises International (INGENIN)
Innovare Academic Sciences
Innovational Publishers
Innovative Journals
Innovative Publication
Innovative Space of Scientific Research (ISSR Journals)
Ishaan Publishing House
Insight Core
Insight Knowledge
Insight Medical Publishing (IMedPub)
The Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR)
Institute for Research and Development India (IRD)
Institute of Advanced Scientific Research
Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists (IDES)
Institute of Electronic & Information Technology
Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology
Institute of Language and Communication Studies
Institute of Research Advances (IRA)
Institute of Research and Journals (IRAJ)
Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (theIRED)
Institute of Research Engineers and Scientists
Institute of Research In Engineering and Technology (IRET)
Institute of Strategic and International Studies
InTech Open Access Publisher
InTech Open Access Publisher [alt]
Integrated Academic Journals
Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)
Integrated Publishing Association
Integrated Science Publications
Intellectual Archive
Intercontinental Management Research Review (ICMRR)
Interlink Continental Journals
International Academic Journals
International Academic Publishing House
International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR)
International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research (IASTER)
International Academy of Arts, Science & Technology (IAAST)
International Academy of Business
International Academy of Business & Economics (IABE)
International Academy of Computer & IT Engineering (IACITE)
International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IAEES)
International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE)
International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (IASET)
International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (International ASET)
International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Management
International Academy Publishing (IAP)
The International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA)
International Advances for Research
International Agency for Development of Culture, Education and Science
International Association for Academians
International Association for Engineering & Technology
International Association for Engineering and Management Education (IAEME)
International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Technology
International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT Press)
International Association of Advances in Engineering and Technology (IAAET)
International Association of Engineering & Technology Researchers (IAETR)
International Association of Journals & Conferences (IAJC)
International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research (IASIR)
International Association of Technology Education & Industry
International Bauhaus Science Press
International Center for Business Research
International Centre for Integrated Development Research (ICIDR)
International Centre of Culture Inventory
International Computer Science and Engineering Society (ICSES)
International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering
International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI)
International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)
International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
International Educative Research Foundation And Publisher
International eJournals
International Formulae Group (IFG)
International Forum of Researchers Students and Academician (IFRSA)
International Foundation for Modern Education and Scientific Research (INFOMESR)
International Foundation for Research and Development
International House for Academic Scientific Research [Link dead as of 2013-01-02]
International Indexed Refereed Research Journal
International Information Institute
International Institute for Private, Commercial and Competition Law
International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
International Institute of Engineers (IIE)
International Institute of Engineers & Researchers
International Institute of Informatics and Systemics
International Institute of Science & Industry Research (IISIR)
International Invention Journals
International Journal of College & University (IJCU)
International Journal of Research & Development Organisation (IJRDO)
International Journal Publishers Group
The International Journal Research Publications (TIJ Research Publications)
International Journals (Yadav Scientific Journals Publishers)
International Journals for Research (IJR)
International Journals for Research (IJR Group)
International Journals for Researchers
International Journal of Academic Research (Publisher)
International Journals of Engineering & Sciences
International Journals of Multi Dimensional Research
International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy
International Journals of N&N Global Technology (IJNNGT)
International Journals of Research (INTJR)
International Journals of Research Papers (IJRP)
International Journals of Sciences and High Technologies (IJSHT)
International Journals of Scientific Knowledge (IJSK)
International Journals of Scientific Research Publications (IJSRPUB)
International Journals of Scientific Research (IJSR)
International Knowledge Press
International Network for Applied Sciences and Technology
International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSPUB)
International Network for Scientific & Industrial Information
International Scientific Research Group & Publishers (ISRG Publishers)
International Online Knowledge Services Provider (IOKSP)
International Online Medical Council (IOMC)
International Organization Center of Academic Research (OCERINT)
International Organization of Scientific Invention (IOSI)
International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR Journals)
International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRDD)
International Postgraduate Network (IPN Network)
International Publisher & C.O (IPCO)
International Publisher for Advanced Scientific Journals (IPASJ)
International Recognition Multidisciplinary Research Journals, Monthly Publish
International Recognition Research Journals
International Research Association of Computer Science, & Technology (IRACST)
International Research E-Journals
International Research Group
International Research Journals (Accra, Ghana)
International Research Journals (Lagos, Nigeria)
International Research Organization of Computer Science (IROCS)
International Research Publication House (IRPH)
International Research Society For Promotion of Science (INPOSO)
International Scholarly Open Access Research (ISOAR)
International Scholars Journals
International Science & Research Journals (ISRJ/ISRJournals)
International Science and Medical Journals (isaMed)
International Science Community Association
International Scientific Academic Corporation
International Scientific Academy of Engineering & Technology
International Scientific Engineering and Research Publications
International Scientific Invention Journals
International Scientific Publications
International Scientific Research Organization for Science, Engineering and Technology (ISROSET)
International Scientific Research Organization Journals (ISROJ)
International Skill Research Journals
International Society for Engineering Research and Development (ISERD)
International Society for Engineers and Researchers (ISER)
International Society for green.sustainable engineering and management
International Society for Zoological Research (ISZR)
International Society of Thesis Publication (ISTP)
International Society of Universal Research in Sciences (EyeSource)
International Technology Innovation (ITi)
Internet Scientific Publications
Interscience Journals
Interscience Open Access Journals
International Union of Scence and Education (Inter-USE)
Intuition Journals
Invention Journals
IORE International
Institute of Science Publishing (IOS Publishing)
International Organization of Scientific Research
iProbe Group
Ira Publications
IRED International Journals
IRO Journals
International Research Organization of Sciences and Social Sciences (IROSSS)
Isaac Scientific Publishing
iSER Publications
Ishitv Technologies
Islamic World Network for Environmental Science and Technology (IWNEST Publisher)
International Scientific Publications and Consulting Services (ISPACS)
Ivy Union Publishing
International Journal of Academic Research (Publisher)
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Jabalpur Management Association
Jacobs Publishers
JACS Directory
Jaypee Journals
JET Publishing
Journals of Scientifics R&D
Joseph Publishing Group
Journal Dynamics
Journal Issues
Journal Network
Journal of Comprehensive Research
Journal of Harmonized Research Publications
Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science (JIAATS)
Journals Club & Co.
Journals Pub
JScholar Journals
JSciMed Central
July Press
Juniper Publishers
Jyoti Academic Press
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KAAV Publications
Kaleidoscope Journals
KambohWell Publisher Enterprises
Kamla Raj Enterprises (KRE Publishers)
KEI Journals
KEJA Publications
Kenkyu Group
Key Research Journals (KRJ)
Kiban Research Publications
Kindi Publication
Knowledge Publishing Printing & Distribution House
Knowledgebase Publishers
KnowledgeCuddle Publication
Knowledgia Scientific (formerly Knowledgia Review)
Kogaion Publishing Center
Kowsar Publishing
Kozmenko Science Publishing
Krishi Sanskriti
KSP Journals
KY Publications
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Ladder Publishing House
Landmark Research Journals
Lawarence Press
Lecolink Research Journals
Lectito Journals
Leena & Luna International
Lexis Publisher
Library of Academic Resources (LAR)
Lifescience Global
LifeSciFeed Ventures
Lighthouse Journal Publication (Lighthouse Journals)
Literati Scientific and Publishers (Literati Publishers)
London Journals Press
Longbridge Publishing Company
Look Academic Publishers
Lorem Journals
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Macoctagon Journals
Macrothink Institute
Madridge Publishers
Management Journals
Marsland Press
Mary and Sam Research Academia
Maryland Institute of Research
MASAUM Network
Mathews Open Access Journals
Maxwell Scientific Organization
MAYFEB Technology Development
McMed International
Meas Publishing Ltd
Modern Education and Computer Science Press (MECS )
Medical science
Medical Science Journals [Link dead as of 2012-11-14]
Medip Academy
Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research (MCSER)
MEDNANO Publications
Medwell Journals
Medwin Publishers
Meghana Publications
Mehta Press
Merit Research Journals
Meta Research Press
MNK Publication
Modern Research Publishers
Modern Scientific Press
Mr. Scholar
Muhammadon Centre for Research and Development (MCRD)
MuK Publications & Distributions
Multidisciplinary Journals
Mustang Journals
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N&N Global Technology (NNGT)
Narain Publishers Pvt. Ltd (NPPL)
National Association of Scholars (Национальная ассоциация ученых / НАУ)
National College of Physicians
Natural Sciences Publishing Corporation
Nauk Publication
Nemis Journals
Nessa Publishers (NP)
Net Journals
New Century Publishing Group
New Century Science Press
New Delhi Publisher
New Ground Research Journals
New Science Series Journals (NSSJ)
New Scientist Publishers
New World Publishing
New World Sciences Academy
Nexus Academic Publishers (NAP)
Noble Academic Publisher (NAP)
Nobel International Journals
Non Olympic Times
North American Research Publishing
North Asian International Research Journal Consortium (NAIRJC)
North Atlantic University Union
Nova Explore Publications
Novel Science
Novelty Journals
Novus Scientia Journals
Nuclei Online
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OA Publishing London
OAE Publishing, Inc. (OAE)
Oak-Fortress Journals
OASP Journals
Oceanic Journals
Ology Science
OMICS International
Ommega Publishers
OneCentral Press
Online Journals Management System (OJMS)
Online Research Journals
Online Science Publishing
Open Access eBooks
Open Academic Press
Open Access Journal Limited (The OJAL)
Open Access Journals
Open Access Journals Publishing Company
Open Access Library
Open Access Pub
Open Access Pub [alt]
Open Access Publishing Group
Open Access Science Research Publisher (OASRP)
Open Access Text (OAT, OA Text)
Open BioMedical Publishing Corporation (OBM)
Open Journal Systems
Open Knowledge Journals
Open Research and Science Library (ORSlib)
Open Research Network
Open Research Society
Open Science
Open Science Publications
Openventio Publishsers
OPR Science
ORB Academic Publisher
Orbit Research and Development
ORIC Publications
Ozean Publications
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Pacesetter Online Publishers
Pacific Group of e-Journals (PaGe)
Pak Publishing Group
Pakistan Science Mission (PSM)
Palgo Journals
Panacea Research Library
Paper Publications
PaperSciences Research Publisher
Paramount Journals
PBS Journals
Peak Journals
Pearl Publication
Pearl Research Journals
Peertechz (Peer Teechz)
Pelagia Research Library
Pencil Academic Press
Pezzottaite Journals
Pharma Intelligence
Pharma Publisher
Pharma Research Library
Pharmaceutical Research Foundation
PharmaInterScience Publishers
Pharmascope Publications
Philippine Association of Institutions for Research (PAIR)
Photon Foundation
Pinnacle Journal Publication
Pinnacle Research Journals (PRJ)
Pioneer Scientific Publisher
PiscoMed Publishing
Planetary Scientific Research Center (PSRC)
Platinum Global Journals
Premier Publishers
Prime Journals
Pristine Research Journal Publications (PRJP)
Priyanka Research Journal Publication
Progressive Academic Publishing
Progressive Science Publications
Project Innovation
Project Innovation [alt]
Professional Journals (ProJournals)
Proscience Journals
Prudence Journals
Prudent Journals
Pubicon International Publications (Pubicon Journals)
Public Science Framework
Publishing House of Sciences (PHS)
Pulsus Group
Purple Journals
Pushpa Publishing House
Pyrex Journals
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Quazzy Journals
Quest Journals
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R&D Modern Research Publication
R & S Publications [Link dead as of 2013-07-04]
RAJ Group
Rating Academy
Readers Insight Publishers
Recent Science
Red Flower Publication Private Limited
RedFame Publishing
Remedy Publications
Renu Publishers
Research & Analysis Journals (RA Journals)
Research Academy of Social Sciences (RASS)
Research Alert Journals
Research and Educational Society
Research and Information Organization (RIO)
Research and Knowledge Publication
Research and Scientific Innovation Society (RSIS)
Research & Reviews (International Journals)
Research Centre for Management and Social Studies (RCMSS)
Research Consultants and Publisher
Research Foundation for Humanity (RFH)
Research India Publications (RIP)
Research Institute for Progression of Knowledge (RIPK)
Research Institute for Science, Technology, and Society (RISTaS)
Research Journal
Research Open
Research Publish Journals
Research Publisher
Research Publishing Group
Research, Science, and Technology Publishers (RST)
Research Script
Research Trend
Research WebPub
Revistas Academicas
Revotech Press
RG Education Society (RG Journals of Scientific Research)
Rising Vision (RV)
Ross Science Publishers
RS Publication
Rutveg Publishing, Inc.
ResearchWorld (RW)
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Sacha And Diamond Academic Publishers
Sageya Publishers
Sadguru Publications
Sai Om Publications
Sai Scientific Communications
Sakun Publishing House (SPH)
SAMANM Group of Research Publications (SGRP)
Sanford Inter Science Press
Sans Publishing Group
Sapient Press
Savant Journals
SAVAP International
Savvy Science Publisher
Scholar Journals [Link dead as of 2013-04-20]
Scholar People
Scholar Publications
Scholar Science Journals
Scholarlink Resource Centre Limited
Scholarly and Academic Research Journals (SARJ)
Scholarly Journals
Scholarly Research Journal’s
Scholarly Research Publisher
Scholars Academic and Scientific Publishers (SAS Publishers)
Scholars Scitech Research
Scholars Middle East Publishers
Scholars Research Library
Scholedge R&D Center
Scholoxy Publications
Sci-Afric Publishers
Sci-Edit Publications
Sci Forschen
SciDoc Publishers
Sciedu Press
Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety (SERSC)
Science & Knowledge Publishing Corporation Limited
The Science and Information Organization (SAI)
Science and Knowledge Research Society (S & K Research Society)
Science Academy Publisher
Science Alert
Science and Education Centre of North America
Science and Education (SciEP
Science and Engineering Publishing Company
Science and Technology Central
Science and Technology Publishing
Science Arena Publications
Science Education Foundation
Science Explorer Publications (
Science Fair Open Library (SFOL)
Science Huβ
Science Instinct Publications
Science Journal Publication (SJP)
Science Park Journals
Science Park Research Organization and Counseling (SPROC)
Science Publications
Science Publications
Science Publishers (TSP)
Science Publishing Corporation
Science Publishing Group
Science Q Publishing Group
Science Record Journals
Science Research Association (SCIREA)
Science Research Library (SRL)
Science Sights
Science Signpost Publishing Inc. (SSPub)
Science Target
Science Web Publishing (Scienceweb Publishing)
ScienceDomain International
ScienceDomain International [alt]
Scienceline Publications
Sciences & Engineering Research Publication
Scienpress Ltd.
Scient Open Access
ScienTech Publisher
Scientia Ricerca
Scientia Socialis
Scientific & Academic Publishing
Scientific Advances Publishers
Scientific & Academic Publishing (SAP)
Scientific Cooperations
Scientific Federation (SciFed)
Scientific Future
Scientific Institute For Advanced Training and Studies (SIATS)
Scientific Journals
Scientific Journals International
Scientific Literature
Scientific Online Publishing
Scientific Open Access Journals (SOAJ)
The Scientific Pages
Scientific Perspectives Publishing (Scipers)
Scientific Planet
Scientific Platform Online Journals
Scientific Research Gate
Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP)
Scientific Times
Scientific Viewers
ScientificWebJournals (SWJ)
Sci Forschen
Scinzer Scientific Publications
SciPress Ltd
SciRes Literature
SciTech Publishers
ScottishGroup Education and Testing Services
Scribes Guild
SEAHI Publications & Academic Journals (SEAHI PAJ)
Segment Journals
Serials Publications Pvt Ltd
Seventh Sense Research Group Journals
Shri Param Hans Education & Research Foundation Trust
Sift Desk
Significs Online Publishing
Signpost e Journals
Silicon Valley Publishers
Singaporean Journals
Sky Journals
Slovakia Academic Publishing (SVAP)
SM Group (SM Online Publishers)
Smart Science & Technology
Smile Nation – Lets Smile Together
Smith & Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation
Society for Advancement of Sciences
Society for Science and Education United Kingdom (SSE-UK also called)
Society for Science and Education
Society for Science and Nature
Society of Business Research
Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC)
Society of Education
Society of Engineering Science and Technology (SEST India)
Sons and Daughters Publishing House/SDPHI/E-JOURNALDIRECT
Source Journals
South Asian Academic Research Journals
Southern Cross Publishing Group
Speak Foundation
SPIRI The Global Research
Spring City Culture International Group Pte Ltd.
Spring City Culture International Group Pte Ltd. [alt]
Spring International S&T Publishing Media Co. (Spring Media Publishing)
Spring Journals
Springwood Publishing Corporation
Sprint Journals
Sri Krishna International Research & Educational Consortium (SKIREC)
SS Publications
St. Anne Mary Publication
Standard Global Journals
The Standard International Journals
Standard Research Journals
Statperson Publishing Corporation
STM Connect
Streem Journal
Stringer Open
Suryansh Publications
Sustainable Scientific Publisher
SV Publication
Swan Open
Swedish Scientific Publications
Swift Journals
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Symbiosis (Symbiosis Online Publishing)
Synchro Publisher
Synergy Publishers
SRD International Journals
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Thavan E ACT International Journals
Thetic Journals
Thomson & Ryberg Publications
TI Journals
Time Journals
Timeline Publication Pvt. Ltd.
TLEP Journals (The Leading Edge Journal Publication Company)
Tomas Publishing
Topclass Global Journals
Trade Science, Inc
Trans Stellar (Transstellar)
Transaction Series on Engineering Sciences and Technologies
Transcontinental Publishers
Transnational Research Journals (formerly Universal Research Journals)
TSPublications [Link dead as of 2013-08-23]
Tulpar Academic Publishing
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U.S. Science Press
Uluslararası Hakemli İletişim ve Edebiyat Araştırmaları Dergisi [alt] UHIVE
Ulster Press
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Universal Publishing & Research Organization (UPRO)
Universal Research Group
Universal Research Publications
Universe Scientific Publishing
Universum Scientific Journals (Научные журналы Universum)
Universum Scientific Journals (Научные журналы Universum [alt])
Uptodate Research Publication
URO Journals
USN Scientific Journal
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VBRI Press
Verizona Publisher (VZP)
Vernon Innovative Publishers (Vernon, VIPOA, Vernon Open Access)
VIBGYOR Online Publishers
Victorquest Publications [company dissolved]
Vidya Publications
Virtual Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (VFAST)
Vow Scientific Quest
VRJ Publishers
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We-Together to Save Yourself Society
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West East Institute
WFL Publisher
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WIT Press
WOAR Journals (World Organization of Academic Research)
World Academic Journal of Business & Applied Sciences (WAJBAS Publishing [Publisher])
World Academic Publishing
World Academic Research Journals (WARJ)
World Academic Union
World Academy of Research and Publication
World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering (WARSE)
World Academy of Science and Technology (WAST)
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World Business Institute [alt]
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Yellow Loop Journal
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Zeal Scienza Realm of Erudition
ZealSci Journals
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Zenith International Research and Academic Foundation (ZIRAF)
Zia World Press
ZolCat Academic House
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1088 Email Press
2425 Publishers
The 5th Publisher



The purpose of this website is to create awareness about predatory journals/publishers but not to harm any journals/publishers which are genuine. The above list was derived from and Any resemblance to legitimate journals/publishers listed in above list are purely coincidental. If any journal is not listed in Bealls List but is listed here, this means we have included such journals. We only include those journal that publishes articles with more the 30% plagiarism.