About us

About us!

Welcome to the Predatory List!

The predatory List of Journals directory is a collective effort dedicated to exposing and combating the harmful proliferation of predatory journals within the academic publishing sphere. We firmly believe in upholding the integrity of scholarly research and ensuring that academics are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous publishing practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about predatory journals and their detrimental impact on the academic community. We strive to provide valuable resources and information to scholars, researchers, and institutions to help them identify and avoid engaging with predatory publishers. By doing so, we aim to safeguard the credibility of academic research and protect the scholarly community from potential exploitation.

What Are Predatory Journals?

Predatory journals are publications that prioritize financial gain over genuine academic rigor and quality. These journals often lack proper peer review processes, charge exorbitant fees for publication, and engage in deceptive practices. Scholars who fall victim to predatory journals may face damage to their reputations and careers due to the lack of credibility associated with these publications.

Our Approach

Predatory List operates on a volunteer basis, with contributors from various academic and professional backgrounds. We aggregate and disseminate information on predatory journals, offering guidance on how to spot and steer clear of them. We aim to empower academics with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding where they publish their research.


The purpose of this website is to create awareness about predatory journals/publishers but not to harm any journals/publishers which are genuine. The above list was derived from https://predatoryjournals.com/ and https://beallslist.net/. Any resemblance to legitimate journals/publishers listed in above list are purely coincidental. If any journal is not listed in Bealls List but is listed here, this means we have included such journals. We only include those journal that publishes articles with more the 30% plagiarism.

Why Anonymity?

Our decision to remain anonymous is motivated by the unfortunate reality that some predatory journals and their supporters engage in retaliatory actions against individuals or groups exposing their exploitative practices. We believe that anonymity provides a layer of protection, allowing us to focus on our mission without fear of reprisal.

Get Involved

Join us in the fight against predatory journals by staying informed, spreading awareness, and contributing to our cause. Together, we can create a scholarly publishing environment that prioritizes quality, ethics, and the advancement of knowledge.

For inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please contact us at predatorylist@yandex.com